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2 thoughts on “Buy The Story of The Hip-Hop Catz Book!
  1. I won the book at the Annual Universal Zulu Nation Cookout at Fredrick Douglass Park in Harlem over the Summer and I believe some may have thought I might not value or get much use out for it as a 43 year old grown woman. But I was immediately taken by the title, illustrations and overview of the message and looked forward to reading it.

    As a child of Hip Hop and one who is dedicated to the Preservation and Presentation of authentic Hip Hop Culture, I was pleased to read its content and impressed with how cleverly written it was. It is a great book and I would recommend it to all Parents and those who work with the young demographic the book is best suited for. As an adult, I myself got a kick out of it and would also recommend it as a gift to any young person.

    • Peace Sister Mestre,

      I appreciate your positive and encouraging comment about my “THE STORY OF THE HIP HOP CATZ & THE K-9 CREW. It’s people like you who have kept me focus and encouraged to continue on my mission to help and interest our kids to read. HIP HOP EDU-TAINMENT(TM) is a educational and entertainment industry we are establishing to give our children positive and fun Hip Hop culture. Please continue to spread the word about the book. Thank you!

      William E Mackson
      CEO of MIC CHECK 1,2,1,2 LLC.

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